Lori Mabardi Connor is the mother of two little boys. She loves to witness and nurture her children's wonder in the world, encouraging them to feel safe and happy in the knowledge that they are loved. In addition to her full time duties as mom and wife, she is a Research Director of Commercial Real Estate at a Boston, MA firm.  
Anguished, as most working parents are, by heart-wrenching good-byes and kids tearfully asking, "why do you have to go to work?", she decided she had to do something. Like all the other "somethings" she has ever done, this one has made the world a little brighter.  Written first as a gift to her boys, "While Mommy's at Work" is Lori's way of reminding all little ones that, no matter where they are, someone is sending them love. 


Before I was pregnant with my second child, I applied for a job that was very interesting to me. The months rolled by and after 8 months, I got a call to interview!  At that point, I was 5 months pregnant!  Not hiding my bump, not highlighting my bump, I decided to go on the interview.  And so, soon after, I was offered the job, and decided to go for it!  At 6 months into my pregnancy, I started this new role at a new firm.  It didn't take a lot of time to realize I had a lot of cleaning up to do in this department I was now leading, and that the role was bigger, broader and more demanding than I had expected.  
The career part of me is great at going into auto-pilot. Solve everyone's problems, make everything ok, meet goals, check things off my list - I had been doing that for more than a decade. It's how I function in corporate america. 
But my role at home was growing. Two beautiful children, and a loving husband, the needs at home grew along with the needs at work. And my sense of self was starting to get challenged.
The mommy guilt started building up. If I was present to my home life, I felt guilty towards my colleagues. If I was present to my colleagues and work, I felt guilty towards my family.  And as the months and years rolled by, I started writing to help me deal with the emotional side of trying to balance it all.  

In the end, this book was my way of working through a lot of feelings.  I wanted my kids to understand that I never ever, ever stop  loving them.
Today, when my kids see bubbles, they instantly think of love in the air. It's a beautiful connection I want them to have for all their lives.   My book was my personal gift to my kids. It doesn't replace quality time and the need to be together (which I've learned how to incorporate into my life), but I hope it offers a little security and calm in their hearts when we can't be together.
I hope this book does the same for you and your kids.
Sending you lots of love (bubbles)

xo, Lori