Does this chart capture how things go with your kids?

Lori Mabardi

Thursday, February 25, 2016

One of the biggest lessons I’ve had to learn as a working mom is how to come home and leave my work at the door. It’s harder than one might think. First, many of us can work remotely making it so your work can be in your bedroom, living room, kitchen – you get my point.  With corporate and personal email on all my devices it’s hard to separate both worlds. And that comes with costs and benefits. 

But one thing it has taught me is that when I’m in “work” mode, I’m more uptight, I’m more rigid and I’m very much about “getting s#@t done”.  I also have my professional to-do list front of mind. I have my deadlines coursing through my veins…

Bring “work” me into “mom” setting and we can get some backlash!  I’ve learned to try to be self-aware and recognize when “work” me is in the way of what I need to be doing at this very moment: Being mom. I definitely do not get it right all the time, but realizing that I have a choice to make can help me relax and get in the moment with my children.

That moment where “work” me’s to-do list crashes with “mom” me’s to-do list is particularly stressful. My head can start to spiral out of control and I need to BREATHE.

My kids also carry stress and fatigue with them too. School days are fun of course, but they are also hard, and long. I know this because I volunteered once in my son’s classroom and fell asleep at 8pm in awe at how teachers do it every day! Our kids work HARD. They are processing social, academic, physical, emotional content all day long. 

So I created this handy dandy little chart. (See below).  By looking at it, you can predict what kind of day or time you will have! It is also a reminder, that when things aren’t going too smoothly, perhaps we can stop and ask ourselves why we might be in a rough spot.  Take a moment to examine your state of mine…  Take stock of where your kids are coming from… Allow yourself to show compassion towards both yourself and your kids.  Breathe.  Sometimes that small moment can be all it takes to change the mood, reset the tone and make the moment pass in a more peaceful way.