Surviving Toddler Stage Epiphany #1 - Leave it to Mr. Frog

Lori Mabardi Connor

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Please Note: I am NO parenting expert. I'm just trying to shape my little munchkins into healthy, happy, good human beings without losing my noodles... 
I am going to share three tips that help me each day!

These work for my kids aged 3 and 5... Not sure how long they will work for, but I'm going to milk them for as long as I can!! 

Tip #1: Leave it to Mr. Frog

Ex: I want my son to brush his teeth. He won't. I repeat it, I get kind of hung up on the fact that he isn't listening. I start talking louder. The quantity and volume of words are increasing by the second, and the results? ZERO. ZIPPO. NADA.

At that point, I look at his bed and see Mr. Frog. He's giving me this pitying look saying "You poor thing.. Let me show you how this is done."

So I do.

I pick up Mr. Frog and let him take over.  "Greg, don't you want to have pearly white teeth?" Suddenly, Greg is in a trance!  "Yes" he says. "So why are you giving your mom a hard time? Come on, let's go brush together" and off they go, Mr. Frog and Greg getting those teeth pearly white!! 

Mr. Frog did it again. He rocks. And I'm ok with that.

Give it a try - I'd LOVE to hear about how this works for you!!!
And pls share your tips!

I'll be back soon with Tip #2!

In the mean time, be well super mamas!