Ralk with me

Lori Mabardi Connor

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Saturday, I woke up inspired to try to get some exercise...  

Those beautiful summer days are fleeting and we must embrace them as best we can!  (True New Englander talking here!)  

"I'll go for a run!"  I thought for a split second...  That sounded like a super plan, except for one small, little, tiny detail... I don't run... Well - let's not be so black and white - I mean, if I were in Barcelona for the Running of the Bulls or if I saw Sting waiting to catch a train, I mean - I would run.  And I would run fast.

But the regular just "create some sense of urgency and run for the sake of running" thing is not for me...
So "I'll go for a walk" came to mind. I mean, I walk - heck I've walked the 3-day Avon Breast Cancer walk twice - that's 3 days of walking, that's 60 miles of trekking, twice, but somehow I didn't think I'd get the workout that I wanted...

So I told my son - "let's go for a run, or a walk, I mean, a run, or a ralk."

He said "Mom you said a ralk". And it took my little guy to help me notice what I had said.  And it was PERFECT! "YES that's it, let's RALK!!!"
You want to Ralk with me Douglas? He said SURE!!!

So off we went, me pushing the double stroller with both kiddos, music in one ear, and somehow my walk was more fun when I called it a Ralk - a little pep in my step, a little run in my walk, and a little ralking and rolling. 

 A little sweat, a lot of fresh air, and I was one happy camper. 
I wish you lots of ralking and rolling this summer. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and a moment of Zen here and there. 

Be good to yourself because, let's face it - You ralk!