Do you know you need to be away for a few days or longer?  A fun way to use this book is to ask someone back at home to read it to the kids you miss and love so much, and then blow bubbles!!  With every bubble that pops, they can be reminded of your love and the kisses you send their way.  
Leave this book for your kids with a bottle of bubbles as a gift for them to find once you leave.
Make homemade bubbles and attach little bubbles keychain to your child's school bag or put a little bottle of bubbles in their schoolbags so they find them when they are at school.
Make love bubbles with little craft ornaments.  Ask your kids for reasons they love mom or dad or a loved one and write them on little notes, with hearts and other colorful kisses and voila! Instant heart warming gift!
Enjoy seeing your kids say "MOM, LOOK, LOVE BUBBLES" whenever they see bubbles :) It's so neat!
Grandma, Grandad, Aunts and Uncles - this book makes a great gift for the special little ones in your life.  Send a gift that says you are thinking of them always and all ways.
Copyright Lori Mabardi Connor
Copyright Lori Mabardi Connor